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CoolSculpting® Noninvasive Contouring: Which Body Areas Can I Treat?

Oct 01, 2023
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We can work hard to lose weight but can't control where the fat disappears from which can lead to bulges in our abdomens, upper arms, thighs, and more. CoolSculpting® can help. Read on to learn more.

Do you regularly hit the gym and choose veggies over dessert but still have stubborn areas of fat that just won't budge? If so, CoolSculpting® might be just what you need to smooth out those trouble spots.

At Cascade Medspa & Laser Centre in Baxter, Minnesota, our top-notch team provides a wide range of FDA-approved state-of-the-art procedures and products that can help reshape and rejuvenate both your body and skin. Whether your goals include getting rid of fat deposits, decreasing wrinkles, or refreshing your appearance in other ways, we can help.


While watching your diet and working out can help you lose weight, often the desired end result isn't fully realized because we cannot control the location where the fat is burned. This frequently leaves people at a healthy weight but with places of unwelcome fat.

CoolSculpting uses a method known as cryolipolysis which destroys fat cells by freezing them. Skin and tissue can better withstand colder temperatures so they remain unharmed in the process. 

This patented procedure can be used to slim various areas including the abdomen, sides, back, upper arms, thighs, and under the buttocks. It can also trim the fat that is beneath the chin and jawline. Places with rashes, lesions, nerve problems, or varicose veins should not be treated.

How it works

We begin with a consultation to discuss your goals and then create a personalized treatment plan. On the day of the procedure, we attach the CoolSculpting applicator to the area. Once we begin, the applicator draws the skin inside where the targeted fat cells get frozen by the cold temperature. Typically, it takes less than half an hour and is followed by a massage of the area to encourage the breakdown of the frozen fat cells.

 CoolSculpting destroys about 20 to 25 percent of fat cells in the treated area. Some changes may be noticeable in the first several weeks, but it takes a few months for the final results to appear.


Unlike liposuction, a more invasive surgical procedure requiring anesthesia and time for recovery, CoolSculpting is quick and easy. We can do it right in our office; you won't need any downtime afterward. You can even drive yourself home after the appointment.

Good candidates

This procedure is not designed for weight loss so good candidates are typically men and women who are at a healthy weight. Anyone with loose skin, poor skin tone, or a medical condition related to the cold such as Raynaud's phenomenon should avoid this treatment. Pregnant or nursing women should wait until their baby is born and weaned.

 If you're tired of working hard but seeing no change in certain problem areas, CoolSculpting may be right for you. Call our office at 218-454-9999 or click here to book an appointment today to learn more.