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Non-Surgical Skin Tightening: Understanding Your Treatment Options

Jul 01, 2023
Non-Surgical Skin Tightening: Understanding Your Treatment Options
Sagging skin is a natural part of aging but it doesn't have to be an inevitable change to your appearance. Read on to learn about a number of non-surgical treatments that can firm and tighten your skin.

When people think of aging many envision wrinkles and fine lines but that those aren't the only signs of time taking its toll on our appearance. Skin can also begin to sag, often making us look older than we feel. Fortunately, there are a variety of non-surgical skin tightening options available to help restore a more youthful look.

Renewal and rejuvenation are our primary goals at Cascade MedSpa & Laser Centre, our popular wellness clinic located in Baxter, Minnesota. Our top-notch staff has long time experience with both medical and aesthetic care and only uses products and devices that have been approved by the FDA. Our trusted treatments run the gamut from skin concerns like sagging and acne to hair and body challenges, too.

Aging skin

As we age, our skin goes through a number of changes including the decreased production of elastin and collagen. Without elastin which provides skin with its elasticity and ability to bounce back after it is stretched, skin can lose its firmness. Collagen helps skin keep its structure and tautness and its reduction can also lead to sagging skin. Often affected areas include the cheeks, jowls, and neck.

Treatment options

The good news is there are more treatment options than ever to combat this universal problem and we customize each individual's treatment plan to best meet their needs depending on their situation and goals. Possible procedures include:

Chemical peels

Treatment with a chemical peel uses specially selected compounds and results in fresher, more taught skin through the peeling off of the outer layer.


This procedure helps restore skin's firmness by exfoliating the outer layers of the skin.


This procedure allows for topical products to be better absorbed by manually removing surface debris from the skin first.

Diamond Glow Dermalinfusion

Diamond Glow® Dermalinfusion helps tighten skin through the processes of exfoliation, extraction, and then the infusion of particular serums.

Laser energy

A number of different laser-based treatments can help stimulate collagen production and lift sagging skin. These include Halo®, intense pulsed light (IPL) and broadband light (BBL), MicroLaserPeel®, profractional laser therapy, and laser trifecta treatment which combines several of these options.


Tiny needles trigger a healing response in the skin that encourages the production of more collagen. It can be combined with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and injections for even better results.

We can't escape aging, but we can minimize its effects on our appearance. If you're ready to learn about the various options to restore your skin's tight, youthful look, call our office at 218-454-9999 or click here to book an appointment today.